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Continuous Learning

Our learning culture allows us to use our accumulated experience and knowledge to be creative and innovative.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration allows quicker detection of bugs which helps us avoid costly mistakes. Integration occurs alongside frequent automated testing which gives us immediate feedback on system-wide impact of local changes.


We follow the iteration model to build software in short release cycles. Working this way allows us to provide continuous value and adapt to changing requirements.


We reflect on the experience and the lessons learned from every step we take and use it to continuously improve ourselves.

Test Embracing Development

The whole process is very test focused. The desired behavior of the production code is checked and re-checked with automated and manual tests. As the work progresses, we keep on running these tests to help ensure that our software continues to behave as expected and without bugs.

Coding Standards

We have predefined rules and standards.
Automated tests check for conformance with these standards to keep the project moving in the right direction.